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GEM STUDIO aims to make an impact in the fashion industry.
We are more than just a fashion brand.
We are not just a lifestyle brand, we are a way of living where distinguishing aesthetics empires.


GEM STUDIO - Handbags & Objects

GEM STUDIO was born from the willingness to bring to life the feeling of plenitude. That feeling when you travel and see yourself in the middle of a city ready to be discovered, when you sit on sand at the beach and stare at the ocean, the feeling of the morning sun when it touches your face.These are the gems that make life worth living.
GEM STUDIO takes shape in limited editions recalling elegance from nature and architecture with an effortless and sharp approach to create fashion beyond seasons that elevate you.


Elegant design, affordability & transparency are the grounds of our creation. We are disclosing the location of our factories and many other details regarding our materials, factories and work conditions. We work with small factories, most of them feel like family. We visit  the owners, with whom we have a close relationship, regularly and are able to work directly with the people that make our pieces with their bare hands.

Honest, transparent and ethical, handmade in Portugal that looks amazing and feels great to know that it is produced this way.

GEM STUDIO doesn’t sell products nor do we present collections. We are creating a way of life, a GEM universe in which every piece plays a powerful role.

Starting with bags, but be sure there will be much more to come. We will keep evolving and growing. This is the beauty of creating something new. 

Words from the Founder

"The creation of GEM STUDIO was highly influenced by the pieces that all my life I saw my mom wearing and was sure that when I grew up I would be wearing them. Or the piece that was in our living room and I wanted to make sure I would grab it when I moved out. This is the magic of the pieces that come down from generation to generation: They establish a feelling and hold too many great stories. That is what I wanted to create with this brand: GEM STUDIO." — Bea RO

Founder & Creative Director Beatriz has a great passion for finding beauty in life, art, photography and to be around people she loves. This project found its way in a time when she wanted to create from her heart. With a great eye for detail, experience in the luxury fashion industry and a driven attitude towards life, she is passionate about the projects she created in her own name and GEM STUDIO is what was missing.


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